Happy 2018!

Today we say goodbye – and arguably, good riddance – to 2017 and welcome in the new year. Hopefully, it will be a year filled with joy, triumphs, and accomplishments for all of you.

For Me? Well, I’ll be happy if I can get my World of Tanks player rating (WN8) over 1200. Yeah, I’ll take the small victories.

I hope you all enjoy a happy and healthy 2018. The world is yours.

8 thoughts on “Happy 2018!

  1. I’ll settle for getting my new furnace installed. Figures that the old one would shaft me to end a screwed up year………….

    May you and your family have a Happy and Blessed New Year……………


  2. Tam – Lovely. We had spilled grease in the over last night and when Mrs. Earp made snacks for NYE, the entire house filled with smoke. Life is… imperfect. 😦


  3. Wife tripped and fell against a door in church(!) yesterday. Seven stitches and one cracked eye socket later, we’re hoping for a better start to 2018.


  4. May all the good folks here at the Corral be blessed with joy and prosperity in the coming year. Stay warm during this period of Gore-Bull Warming.


  5. Mike47 – My gawd, what a terrible start to the year.

    Cathy – Whoo hoo!

    TXNick – Still snow on the ground here, and the temperature is currently 17 degrees.

    Ingineer – Jealous.


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