Swiftly Fleeing The Box Office

Taylor Swift’s 2018 concert calendar was released last month, and judging by the ticket prices, her “Reputation” will be taking a hit.

That’s the verdict from ticked-off fans, who are balking at buying seats for the 28-year-old pop star’s tour to promote her new “Reputation” album, citing stratospheric markups and greedy sales gimmicks.

“I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the 1989 tour. Now for the same seats I have to pay about $500,” Twitter user “swiftieloves” recently griped.

A look at Ticketmaster’s interactive seat charts confirms that Swift’s schedule of 33 dates for the North American “Reputation” tour has yet to produce a single sellout, from its May 8 launch in Phoenix to its Oct. 6 finale in Arlington, Texas. By comparison, all the dates on Swift’s “1989” tour in 2015 “sold out within minutes,” according to concertsandsports.com.

I cannot wait until Swift releases a song about how poorly Ticketmaster treated her during their intimate relationship.

4 thoughts on “Swiftly Fleeing The Box Office

  1. It’s got to be earth shattering for these elitists when they realize they just aren’t that darn special anymore. She would probably still be selling out venues if she had stuck to country rather than trying to be a crossover artist.


  2. Oh Boo-Hoo 😦 I can’t go to her concert. Will Taylor melt like a little snowflake if she doesn’t make a ton of money? Sometimes life sucks kid so get used to it.


  3. Ronni – Ticketmaster is a despicable organization, but there are people who will pay the money to see the show. It’s why we go to Devils games instead of Flyers games. Flyers tickets are ridiculous; especially for a bad team.

    Cathy – Or hey, you know, demand the ticket prices go down. She’s the boss.


  4. Shocker – going all dark didn’t go over well with her fan base of white teenage girls? Stick to the high school love triangle songs and keep ’em happy!


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