Protein Shakes All Around!

Meet Jonathan Hightower and Lashanda Fisher.

Jonathan and Lashanda – if that is her real name – were dining inside the Baby Acapulco Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas. Apparently the food is sub-par, because Lashanda’s mouth was otherwise preoccupied.

Cops summoned to the Mexican restaurant around 10:25 PM were told by a manager that two customers had been “engaged in oral sex at a booth inside the business in front of customers.” The couple, the worker added, had left the restaurant and were at an adjacent gas station.

Well, Lashanda had to clean herself up, and they didn’t want to use the restaurant’s show towels.

One witness told police she was eating when she “observed the female suspect giving oral sex to the male suspect.” The diner recalled the female suspect’s “head bobbing up and down towards the male suspect’s groin for about five minutes.” (H/T – RedneckGeezer)

Looking at Lashanda, I can understand why Jonathan still hadn’t finished after five minutes. Maybe she’ll learn some tips from her new cellmates?

9 thoughts on “Protein Shakes All Around!

  1. RG – The woman resembles Obama’s daughter. You know, the pot-head.

    Ronni – Just do it in the restroom like the rest of us!

    Cathy – Yeah, they both have a sucky attitude.


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