Let’s Get Physical

President Trump’s physician gave the leftist media a case of teh sadz yesterday when he informed them the president is in very good health – both physically and mentally.

The Physician to the President Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson said during Tuesday’s White House press briefing that President Donald Trump requested, then aced, a cognitive ability exam.

Reporters have suggested for months that Trump is mentally unstable, and NBC’s Hallie Jackson was quick to ask about the president’s mental health during the briefing.

“I had absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or his — you know, neurological function,” Jackson asserted. “I was not going to do a cognitive exam. I had no intention of doing one. The reason we did the cognitive assessment is plain and simple because the president asked me to do it.”

Naturally, CNN’s most prominent whiny bitch Jim Acosta accused Rear Admiral Jackson of lying about the president’s exam, because bitches gonna bitch.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Wish the press would start reporting on the positive things such as the economy, stock market, various judges that have been appointed. But nope, they are so blinded by hatred that nothing positive will be reported by them.


  2. Next time, the doc needs to come out with a grim face and tell the reporters he has some bad news–“found inoperable tumor, and Mr. Trump probably has less than 6 weeks to live…” then, as the a$$hats rejoice, burst out laughing, and say, “Just kidding..perfect health, again…”

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  3. All the screaming and whining from the media and libs used to make me angry. Now I just sit back and laugh at the things they invent to bellyache about. Ronald Reagan is in his grave laughing his ass off.


  4. This is the same Doctor that gave both W & the royal princess that followed physicals. The presstitutes (h/t Rush) didn’t give him any cr@p about those reports.

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