This Man Likes His Steak Very Raw

With all due respect to its culture and people, the country of India is – in the alleged words of the president – a shithole.

A man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with three cows. The man is accused of having sex with the animals at some point between Sunday night and Monday morning by their owner Lalji Rabari.

Police said that when Rabari came to the cow shed on Monday morning, he found the legs of three of his cows tied together with rope.

One of the cows, owned by a milkman in Vadodara, a city in northern India, was found dead the next day.

Now, I’m no religious scholar, but aren’t cows sacred in India? What could possibly be the punishment for f**king a god to death?

6 thoughts on “This Man Likes His Steak Very Raw

  1. Will the suspect be moving to Florida soon? He could try having sex with an alligator and maybe win the Darwin Award.


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