Pepé Le Pew Wept

French may be the language of love, but France’s reputation of a romantic country is about to crumble like bleu cheese.

Men in France could be fined €350 (US$435) if they follow women in the street, whistle at them, make loud comments about their appearance or ask for their phone numbers, according to a draft proposal to combat “sexual contempt.”

The new report will be presented to the French government in the coming days, local media report. The plans come from a parliamentary working group set up by France’s secretary of state for equality, Marlene Schiappa. The politicians behind the proposal suggest that men who “violate women’s freedom of movement in public space” should face a minimum fine of €90 for those who can pay on the spot. If the fine is delayed, it could reach €350, the report says. The document will be presented to Schiappa, Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet, and Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb.

I was going to suggest Germany invade France again to get the country’s shit straightened out, but Germany has more than enough problems of their own. *cough* Islamic invasion *cough*

7 thoughts on “Pepé Le Pew Wept

  1. Europe is certainly not the Europe of 8-10 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think the changes have been for the better in a majority of cases.


  2. I finally figured it out. Somewhere unbeknownst to me, I have been transported to an alternate world where wrong is right and right is wrong. I just didn’t realize when it happened.

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  3. I fondly remember my time in Thailand. When I saw pretty ladies, I’d smile and say, “Hello.” They’d smile back and reply. No lawsuits, no screaming “sexual harassment!”

    I look forward to retiring there in a few years. I’ll be running a Tiki Bar on Phuket Beach and enjoying paradise.

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  4. Cathy – Yes, clamp down on the nationals, but Vishnu forbid you put limits on the Islamists.

    RG – If, while I was in high school, you told me this is what the world would look like in thirty years, I’d laugh in your face.

    TXNick – Hmm, I figured you’d retire to Kalifornia or Flori-duh. 🙂


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