Dutch Treat

The city of Rotterdam is experimenting with a new kind of fascism policing. In this case, they are allowing officers to stop and, if necessary, strip suspects of their clothing.

The reasoning behind the program will amaze you.

Police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam is rolling out a new and highly controversial pilot program aimed at reducing crime. The program will target young men wearing designer clothing or expensive jewellery who supposedly look like they’re too poor to afford the items in question. If they’re unable to adequately prove to the police how they were able to purchase their clothes and/or accessories, the items will potentially be confiscated on the spot, with suspects expected to strip down in the street.

The controversial program will run for a limited time, to test its effectiveness, and the Rotterdam police department will be collaborating with the public prosecution department to help them determine what items they can legally confiscate.

Dear Rotterdam, California called; they said your ideas are intriguing to them, and they wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Since the Dutch are going full-Stasi now, I may request a transfer. How entertaining would work be if you could stop a pretty woman and strip her of her clothes?

As always, everything always comes back to Seinfeld.

11 thoughts on “Dutch Treat

  1. “How entertaining would work be if you could stop a pretty woman and strip her of her clothes?”

    You would quickly be accused of discrimination by ugly fat women.


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