Sake It To Me

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Nissan has created self-driving slippers for the country’s hotel chains. What could possibly go wrong?

Nissan Motor Co. developed a system in which slippers park themselves at the entrance of the traditional inn, called ‘ProPilot Park Ryokan,’ waiting for guests to use them upon arrival. When guests have finished using them, the slippers will drive themselves back to their original position. Each slipper features two tiny wheels, a motor, and sensors to drive it across the lobby’s wooden floor using a simplified form of Nissan’s ProPilot Park technology.

The same technology features in Nissan’s all-battery electric Leaf car. High-tech sensors and cameras allow the vehicle to safely back into parking spaces without any input from the driver. Four high-resolution cameras capable of real-time image processing and 12 sonar sensors assess the vehicle’s surroundings.

This is a great idea until the first uncoordinated guest slips and breaks his hip. What they really need to do is create self-driving towels to deal with the thieves who steal them.

7 thoughts on “Sake It To Me

  1. All I can picture is about 8 or 9 kids running around chasing the slipper. I of course will supervise and show them how to do it.


  2. Self fetching slippers? Fido-san hardest hit!
    “drive themselves back to their original position” I thought the Japanese were germophobic as a rule. “Slide your tooties into these babies! That last user probably didn’t have toe fungus or athlete’s foot!” Worse than bowling shoes!


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