Welcome To The World Of Tomorrrow

The leftists snowflakes at the Ford Motor Company have submitted a patent request for their newest idea: robot police cars. The idea is allegedly a step toward “bias-free” policing.

My Saturn Vue is eleven years old. I think I’ll look elsewhere when it’s time for a replacement.

Unsympathetic to excuses and invulnerable to flirtation, the robot will flash its lights to pull you over. It will scan your driver’s license, decide whether to issue a warning or ticket, and inform you of its decision before letting you drive off.

The concept is outlined in a Ford patent filing for a self-driving cop car capable of using artificial intelligence “to find good hiding spots to catch violators of traffic laws.” An optional human passenger could override settings that prevent the car from breaking traffic laws itself.

Personally, I’m all for this; especially if it can get me to retirement more quickly. Of course, what happens when one of these robots malfunctions and goes all Ed-209 on someone?

9 thoughts on “Welcome To The World Of Tomorrrow

      1. Speaking as a system programmer/analyst, I trust neurons a LOT more than IC chips. No matter how well things are written in code, a bored operator will find all bugs.


  1. I like the idea of a police car that keeps the humans from crashing in a chase, but I am adamantly opposed to an unmanned car giving out speeding tickets.


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