Speaking Of Russia

An American strike fighter destroyed a T-72 main battle tank Saturday. The tank was being operated by pro-Syrian forces, and was firing on U.S. special operations personnel.

A US jet operating in Syria destroyed a Russian-made T-72 battle tank near Al Tabiyeh, Syria, Saturday.

The US has been training, equipping, and backing the SDF rebels in Syria’s civil war for years as Russia has provided similar assistance to forces loyal to the Syrian government in close proximity.

Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson first reported the news of the tank’s destruction and said three crew members were killed, though their identities and affiliations were unclear. Tomlinson said the tank was destroyed after “pro-regime forces” fired on US special operations troops near the location where 500 pro-government forces attacked a headquarters used by SDF and US troops last week.

This… will get messy. Between destroying a Russian tank and Syria shooting down an Israeli fighter, the Syrian conflict just got much more complicated.

6 thoughts on “Speaking Of Russia

  1. Yeah, things are going to get ugly. For my money the only real choice we have is to back the Israelis and Kurds to the hilt! They are the only people we can truly count on in that part of the world. This will almost certainly mean backing the creation of a Kurdish national state. Fine by me.
    And f%^k the Turks if they don’t like it!


  2. Mike – The pilot probably laughed before firing, thinking, “Are you f**king kidding me?”

    William – The feelings of the Turks have never been a priority of mine.

    TXNick – Or in North Philly. (I denounce myself.)


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