US Women Beclown Themselves

Regular readers know I am a tremendous hockey fan. I’ve been watching games since before grade school, and I think I have a good grasp of the sport, the players, and the traditions.

As such, I have been trying to watch hockey at the Olympics, and I caught the US-Canada women’s game last night.

Watch out world, the U.S. and Canadian women’s hockey teams have the Winter Olympics’ most intense rivalry.

With National Hockey League (NHL) players not taking part in the games in South Korea and a lot of rosters filled out with unfamiliar players, all eyes will turn to the ladies who are expected to meet in the gold medal game.

I sincerely hope this is not the case, because they meet in the gold medal game every damned time. Plus, the previous night’s game between Switzerland and Finland was a far more entertaining game.

The game ended with fans of both teams holding their breath at the scrum in front of the net, with the U.S. players desperately trying to put one past Canadian goalie Geneviève Lacasse as the players knocked each other around.

Here it comes…

Canada’s players lined up for the traditional postgame handshake as the U.S. players waited by the bench, calling for a review of what they thought was a goal in the final seconds.

There it is. The game was effectively over, and after the referees separated both teams, Canada lined up for the postgame handshake. The (ugly) Americans skated to their bench and demanded the last play be reviewed, and the referees obliged.

Once that decision was made, the teams could still skate through the handshake line. If the call was reversed, they would go back and begin overtime. But no, the Americans stayed by their bench, while Canada was still lined up at center ice. The review process was uncomfortably long – maybe three minutes – and there Canada stood, and stood, waiting for the Americans to find their sportsmanship.

After the call was not reversed, the United States finally skated over to the handshake line. It was arguably the most classless, embarrassing display I have seen in the Olympics since, well, forever.

Look, I get you don’t like each other, and I get things get emotional during hockey games, but taking your puck and going home while Canada is waiting to shake your hands is a complete dick move. I won’t be making time to watch US women’s hockey anymore, and I will begin rooting for their opponents.

Classless. Simply classless.

7 thoughts on “US Women Beclown Themselves

  1. What is it with US Collegiate and Pro Athletes. They are mostly total assholes at all times. Although some of the kids have teared up during the Star Spnagled Banner at the medal ceremonies.


  2. Ingineer – Having Canada wait there at center ice for them was classless, in my opinion. I seem to be in the minority, but I’m not afraid to call out my country when they make a mistake.

    And Slovakia is playing the US men’s team right now, currently tied, 1-1. Hoping for a Slovak win, so they can advance to the medal round.


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