DNC Fundraising Off Florida Massacre

This may come as a surprise to you, but the Democratic National Committee is not really the party of compassion and understanding. They are, however, the party which will exploit any tragedy.

The Democratic National Committee is using Wednesday’s mass shooting that left 17 people dead to ask for campaign donations.

The DNC on Thursday sent out an emotional email, signed by DNC chair Tom Perez, asking supporters to sign a petition telling Congress that “it’s past time to take action to address our country’s gun violence epidemic.”

Anyone who signs the petition, which requires giving the DNC your email address and zip code, is re-directed to a donation page asking for money to “help Democrats take on the gun lobby.”

Mark Levin said this Wednesday evening after the shootings, and it bears repeating: “Why do we need to hear any politicians right now?” We especially need to ignore/shun those who want to fundraise off a high school massacre. Disgusting.


7 thoughts on “DNC Fundraising Off Florida Massacre

  1. If politicians really wanted to end school shootings, or at least limit the casualties, they would end “gun free zones” at schools. If the criminals realized they could get shot by teachers or security guards, they’d most likely look for other target rich environments.

    I propose the “Hypocrisy Eradication Act for Liberals,” or H.E.A.L., which would disarm all the liberals’ security guards. Since the liberals want to remove all guns from average citizens, they should be forced to forgo armed security for themselves. Remember, it is the liberals who say that we should give up our right to keep and bear arms.


  2. What else can you expect from these left wing scum Wyatt. Nothing they do surprises me any more. I used to think even the lefties will hit bottom some day. But it ain’t ever going to happen. These scum bags don’t even have a concept of bottom. : (


  3. TXNick – Schools are easy targets, and will be until they arm themselves. Until then, it’s open season on kids and teachers.

    William – And yet, they claim to be the party of compassion. Yeah, okay.

    Mike – They don’t even know the definition of the term.

    Mushdogs – Yeah, Tom Perez is a piece of garbage. He almost makes Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz seem sane.

    Ronni – Sadly, millions of people still believe their lies and vote for them in droves.


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