Every Cloud Has A Silver Whining

Meet Jocelyne Larocque.

Unlike the majority of Canadians, Jocelyne grew up without a firm understanding of decorum, sportsmanship, and class. The result was on display Wednesday when she threw a temper tantrum after losing to the U.S. women’s hockey team.

The USA women’s hockey team won its first gold medal since 1998 after a thrilling shootout victory against Canada late Wednesday night. The win snapped Canada’s run of four-straight Olympic gold medals, and the country’s Jocelyne Larocque was not too happy about it.

After the loss, the Canada participants were awarded with silver medals placed around their neck. But Larocque immediately took hers off, and continued to not wear it for the rest of the ceremony. She told reporters after the game why she didn’t want to wear the second-place medal.

While lacrosse is Canada’s national sport – a fact I adore – hockey is king. What kind of message does this send to young girls just getting into the sport?

Last year, Erik’s soccer team took second place in a tournament. After the trophies were given out, he turned to a teammate and said, “Second place is just the first loser.” He said it as a joke, but he knows if he ever did something like this – at any level – I would end him.

Yes, you play to win, and yes, you give it your all, but true losers aren’t the athletes who fail to win; they’re the ones who cannot lose gracefully.

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