This Photographer Is A Real Boob

A British couple’s wedding day was ruined by a skeevy photographer who took more photos of bridesmaids’ breasts than the groom.

A wedding photographer has been outed by a newlywed couple who took him to court over photos of their big day. Steph and Paul Unwin were horrified to find they had 96 pictures of their bridesmaids – including close-up shots of cleavage and bums – and only 11 of the actual groom.

David Kilcourse refunded the couple for the photos after they sued him – but Steph fears he may still be working after learning other brides have complained about his work.

‘He caused so much heartache. We have so many moments missing from our big day,’ she said. ‘I’ll do anything to stop him doing this to anyone else. When we got some of the pictures, I said to him “is this all of them because I’m really disappointed?”

Photography was never my thing – I’m not even remotely good at it – but if I were hired for a wedding I would certainly take more photos of the bride and groom than the bridesmaids’ milk-fed cans. (The ratio of groom to boobs would be about 5:3.)

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