Title Run Beggs A Few Questions

Meet Mack Beggs.

Mack was born Mackenzie, but decided she wanted to be a boy. A few years and many testosterone shots later, “Mack” is not a two-time high school girls wrestling champion. Welcome to America.

Mack Beggs had been in this very spot, the pinnacle, 364 days earlier. In the same athletic complex. Beating the same state championship match opponent, Chelsea Sanchez of Katy Morton Ranch.

But if Euless Trinity transgender wrestler Beggs thought his Class 6A 110-pound girls title victory on Saturday would be more universally understood, respected and embraced than last year’s, he was in for disappointment.

A cascade of cheers and boos enveloped Beggs at the end of the match, the last of his high school career. He responded by repeatedly tapping his chest and turning in a circle so that every soul in the Berry Center, pro and con, could see him.

I love how this “journalist” continually praises the tranny title holder, while simultaneously decrying the sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted fans.

Look, if the Texas school system is going to allow a female (who is now a male) to wrestle girls – despite the obvious strength advantage – that’s on them. But they are giving preferential treatment to one transgender, while placing dozens of female opponents at a distinct advantage.

7 thoughts on “Title Run Beggs A Few Questions

  1. If Mack wants to be a man then Mack should be wrestling people named Hank, Brian, Steve and not people named Valerie, Chelsea and Amy. And the people Mack is wrestling should be wearing cups to protect their family jewels not sports bras. Just my 2 cents worth.


  2. Ronni – The girl he/she defeated the last two years to win the title is not at all pleased. I don’t blame her. Years of training to be crushed by political correctness.


  3. From what I’ve read, he wanted to wrestle boys and was denied by a strict reading of the rules regarding his sex on his birth certificate. They should have bent this particular rule considering the obvious problem it would present.


  4. So we are expected to cheer for this guy because he beat a girl in wrestling? And he is upset because some people booed him? Bunch of effing morons!


  5. My solution to this is obvious: four different leagues. One for girls, one for boys, one for boys becoming girls, and one for girls becoming boys. Voila! No discrimination and no disadvantage regardless of gender.


  6. Cathy – My issue isn’t that he keeps beating up girls as much as he’s arrogant about it. Tapping his chest and spinning around to show the fans how great he is? Dick move.

    TXNick – Fantastic idea, but the schools won’t go for that.


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