I Now Pronounce You Tree And Bride

A mass wedding was performed in Oaxaca, Mexico last week, where female activists married trees.

The mass marriage was meant to draw attention to illegal logging, a serious problem in Mexico, where a third of the land area is covered by forest. Bride Dolores Leycigi said the ceremony was a statement about the planet’s future.

“Marrying a tree is a way of protesting, to say that we need to stop exterminating Mother Earth every day, every minute, every second,” she said.

The marriages aren’t legally binding, but tree bride Andrea Tanat said getting hitched with a tree still requires a serious commitment.

Like commitment to a mental institution. If nothing else, the husbands will always be sporting wood.

23 thoughts on “I Now Pronounce You Tree And Bride

    1. Well, there may be an opportunity for someone to invent an armoured condom. Call it an “anti-barking rubber?”


  1. Mike47 – Exactly!

    Ronni – Christmas must be awesome for these idiots.

    Tam – No kidding. The photos at the link are about what you’d expect.


  2. Let’s see here, a tree doesn’t mess up the house, create dirty laundry or eat all the food. It provides shade, smells fresh and clean and is always quiet. Remind me again why that was so crazy? 😆


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