Throw Her In The Tower!

The next time you have to deal with the morons at TSA “security,” thank your lucky stars you don’t live in England.

A former cop had a small gun necklace confiscated at airport security because staff claimed it could be a weapon. Claire Sharp was told her jewelry – given to her by her late husband – was “too dangerous” and passengers might think it was real.

Claire was travelling with her current husband, Lee, a sergeant in the Met Police, and their 12-year-old daughter, Faye, when airport security staff told her she would not be able to take the necklace on the plane.

The mum-of-three said: “I was being searched by a female security officer and she saw my necklace and said ‘this might be a problem’.

Are you friggin’ serious? What kind of caliber would that gun be; a 1mm? Oh wait, I know, the security guard with the GED equivalent thought the gun belonged to Bond villain Scaramanga. Friggin’ morons.

9 thoughts on “Throw Her In The Tower!

  1. Jeez, where do they hatch these people? Just between you and I Wyatt, I think there is a secret government facility somewhere where they cross breed morons with imbeciles in order to produce bureaucrats and liberals. Otherwise evolution would have kicked in and rendered them extinct decades ago. Just saying. : )

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    1. Something similar has happened. A few years ago, some of our troops were trying to board their chartered (by the government) aircraft in full gear: cammo, M-4 rifles, body armor, etc. and some of them had to throw away their NAIL CLIPPERS!!!!!

      I think these TSA (Tres-Stupido-A$$holes) thought when God was passing out brains, He said “rain” and they hid under the porch.


  2. William – I’m convinced Elizabeth Warren was created there.

    Ronni – If it hasn’t already. If they tried to take something owned by a deceased loved one, they’d need more than a kind word. I would have fought the entire security staff.


    1. My first thought was Maxine Waters, but then my brain kicked in and the list was endless. Sheila Jackson Lee, the moron who thought Guam would tip over, and on and on and on and on…


  3. I will admit the story above contains more than its share of the stupid, but the TSA has done worse. In one instance, an elderly gentleman was stopped from entering a plane because he had an object tied to a ribbon, which TSA insisted could be swung as a weapon. They wanted him to leave it behind and not take it on the aircraft with him.
    The elderly gentleman was Joe Foss, retired Marine general. The object on the ribbon was the Medal of Honor, earned fighting the enemies of America at the battle of Guadalcanal.
    Joe, by God, took his medal on that plane!


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