That’s Not A Slash, This Is A Slash

Yesterday Jenn asked why I was hating on Canada – her home and native land – this week, and while I did post two stories about Canadian dullards, it was not meant to be insulting to her or her countrymen.

That said, I felt badly about it, so when I saw this awesome story about Canada, I had to get it out there.

Toronto Police say the frightening encounter unfolded on Harewood Ave., just before noon.

“The victim arrived home to find a man inside his home,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said Tuesday, adding the homeowner was stabbed, “possibly with a screwdriver,” during the confrontation.

A contractor working at a neighbouring house heard the commotion and did what he could to help.

“There was blood spurting out the back of his leg and his dog was chasing the fella,” Craig Hussey said, recalling the ordeal. He said the victim told him the intruder’s face was probably bloodied “because he hit him with a hockey stick.”

That’s. Friggin’. Awesome. Canada’s national sport is lacrosse, and its most popular sport is hockey. There are plenty of sticks out and about, so commit crimes with extreme caution.

9 thoughts on “That’s Not A Slash, This Is A Slash

  1. Hockey stick would make a good weapon but I prefer a cast iron skillet. The sound it makes when connecting with a brain dead idiot is amazing.


    1. My father in law was a fire station captain up in the hills away from town. He once responded to a medical call where a guy had been hit with a cast iron pan so hard that the handle broke off. They can be quite a formidable weapon.

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  2. I was working with one of our distributors in Toronto, when the local salesman wanted to take us to see one of his customers. We got in his car, and there were hockey sticks in the back of his car, in case he had a little time to skate around lunch.


  3. All is forgiven, I will call off my hockey stick wielding, skating moose army and allow you to live. For now.

    (I love that the dog was getting in on the action too. New chew toy!)

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