Lieutenant’s Career Hit Some Ruhtz

Meet Christi Ruhtz, a lieutenant with the Pinella County (FL) Sheriff’s Office. Christi loves her job, her dog, and apparently, alcohol-infused motor sports.

A Florida lieutenant was suspended from her post after she was caught drunk driving by her fellow officers.

Lieutenant Christi Ruhtz, 41, of Pinellas County, Florida was reported driving in reverse and honking her horn around 2am Sunday morning.

Deputies arrived at the intersection at 130th Avenue and Wild Acres Road where they found Ruhtz alone in the vehicle. Her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The officers had Ruhtz perform sobriety tests, which she performed poorly on.

Ruhtz did, however, perform very favorably in the talent and swimsuit competitions.

6 thoughts on “Lieutenant’s Career Hit Some Ruhtz

  1. I know any number or men who find drunk and hot a great combination in a woman. I however prefer my men hot and sober unless they openly object to the use of handcuffs.

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  2. The career of a cop named Ruhtz,
    Has recently gone to the mutts.
    Her case is a slam-dunk,
    For she was driving quite drunk,
    And acting quite the putz.

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  3. Ronni – She seems hot in her photos, but looks fade, and all you’re left is with your personality and morals. I’ll pass.

    Cathy – Drive? Hell, in Florida, dogs can give driver’s tests!

    Doc – Pfft, she’ll be promoted by April.


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