(White) Trash Hits The Beach

Some Texas shore points have had enough of Spring Breakers; especially those that toss their trash toward the tidal terrain.

Both the City of Port Aransas and City of Corpus Christi are working hard to make sure area beaches are in the most pristine state they can be. Unfortunately, some areas of the coast have seen a significant mess left behind by some unruly Spring Breakers.

This photo was taken on Mustang Island over the weekend by Coastal Bend surfer Morgan Faulkner. He and many who have seen the photo are upset – the photo shows trash littering the beach just feet away from a blue trash can.

The trash adds up, and it’s a huge amount. 26 tons of trash has been collected on Corpus Christi’s beaches alone – some left along the beach, and some left in trash cans by Spring Breakers who did the right thing.

The only Spring Breakers doing the right thing are those who toss their bikini tops into trash cans, and their phone numbers at me.

6 thoughts on “(White) Trash Hits The Beach

  1. It’s Texas, you’d think some of the local rednecks, if they cared about trash, would go over to the beach and make the little snowflakes pick up their trash at gunpoint. I mean, it IS Texas. Don’t mess with Texas. The must be from Austin.


  2. One year, when I was the coolest manager in the country, we held our regional meeting in Daytona Beach, rather than flying everyone into the snowy environs of Cleveland. Coincidentally, it was during Spring break. We’d have our obligatory meeting in the morning and then go out and hit the streets as a group of semi rowdy males.

    I won’t say that there were adult beverages, but one of my guys swore off drinking after that weekend. Your post made me think of that, because one of my guys fund a leather bra that someone had left behind in his room. So, litter in places where it will be appreciated!

    When we took the party outside, we witnessed people throwing all sorts of stuff from the hotel windows (Not my guys). They were throwing TP, the little bars of soap…all sorts of stuff. Outside the hotel, it looked like a hurricane hit.


  3. Ronni – We may get a little tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it.

    Ingineer – Well, the Mexican invasion doesn’t help, either.

    RG – Or Dallas.

    Mike – Leather bra. Yeah, that’s a good find.


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