The Blues And The Reds

After a few weeks of waiting, I took Kyle and Erik to the University of Pennsylvania to see the Penn Quakers play Cornell in lacrosse. The boys like both Cornell and Penn, and when they saw the matchup on a rare weekend off for me, we decided to go.

The game was not being played in Franklin Field, but an auxiliary field near the stadium. Ironically, the other field was a thousand times better. We were only a few feet from the action, and Erik even snared a lacrosse ball during warmups.

The game was great; two top teams playing at their best. Penn led at the half, but sadly, completely fell apart in the third and fourth quarter. They lost to Cornell by a score of 20-13. They only real downside was the weather, which was bitter cold with a biting wind. Oh, and the fact Kyle was nearly killed.

In the second half, we stood behind the net where Penn was shooting. There are thirty-foot tall nets to keep the lacrosse balls in play, but they have a lot of give. A Penn player rushed up the field and fired a shot we could actually hear coming. There was a whoosh and a loud bang. The ball hit the fence mere inches in front of Kyle. The impact was so hard, the protective plastic covering flew off.

Kyle looked at me, eyes wide, and said, “Jesus.” After that we moved a little further behind the fence. Lesson learned.

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