The Messolation Of Smaug

Parents have flooded a New Zealand elementary school with complaints after the principal placed the toilets under lock and key.

A dad says its “absolutely wrong” that his daughter’s school locks the toilets to pupils and they have to ask a teacher for the key.

His daughter, a Year 7 pupil from Invercargill’s Aurora College in Southland, ran around the school desperately searching for a teacher to unlock the toilets, but the only one she found did not have a key, the dad said. The 11-year-old girl eventually found a teacher to unlock the toilets, but was at risk of a “nasty accident”.

Aurora College principal Robyn Hickman said locking of the toilets was a necessary procedure to prevent toilets being mistreated so they remained in a fit state. The school stood by the practice.

The principal claimed there would be one key ring to rule them all, while the kids will be carrying Bilbo Poop Baggins.

4 thoughts on “The Messolation Of Smaug

  1. There has got to be one student that will hide the key for Hickmans bathroom. And get it on video when she pees her pants in front of all the students.


    1. A toothpick jammed into the keyhole would do the trick. A buddy of mine his revenge on a noisy neighbor that way. Once was all it took.


  2. Well, in a strange way it’s kind of comforting to know that all the idiots aren’t just ruining the US public school system. Their everywhere. On the other hand, one wonders if there will be a single educated person on the planet in another generation or so. : (


  3. Cathy – I anxiously await viewing that on YouTube.

    TXNick – Wow, that’s ingenious.

    William – Oh, humanity is definitely doomed; it’s just a matter of when will be our last year.


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