A Golden Opportunity

Kyle’s lacrosse season opener was Monday, and we were pleasantly surprised to see him on the first midfield line, starting ahead of some seniors. Kyle shared faceoff duties with the senior captain, which bodes well for his college prospects. (Faceoff specialists are in high demand with college programs, and as one of two faceoff guys, Kyle is in a good position.)

The team shot itself in the foot many times, mostly with terrible, preventable penalties. Then, in the second half, the senior captain was tripped, landed one his shoulder, and had to leave the game.


Kyle took the rest of the team’s faceoffs, and ended up winning two out of five, which isn’t bad. Sadly, the team lost by a score of 7-2, but Kyle played well for his part. Kyle was then informed he had to take faceoffs during the JV game because he was the only other person on the team who could do it.

Yesterday the coaches came to Kyle at practice and told him the senior broke his collarbone, and done for the season. They then told Kyle he was now top dog, and would be taking all faceoffs for the rest of the season. After practice, I drove him home, and he was incredibly stressed out. He claimed he can’t carry the team, and wasn’t good at the senior faceoff guy. Kyle spent the rest of the night stressing about today’s game, until his former coach – who coaches his summer league team – sent a text message saying, “You’ll be fine. You’re ready.”

I tried to impress upon Kyle what a great opportunity this is. He can tell recruiters he had to step up as a junior and become a leader on the field. If his faceoff win percentage hovers around 50% this season, he’ll be gold.

Now if we can just get him past the nerves…

4 thoughts on “A Golden Opportunity

  1. It breaks my heart when our kids put so much pressure on themselves. Wish I knew how to get them past that and on to bigger and better things. I’m glad the former coach messaged Kyle and it helped. The rest is up to you and mom. I can only imagine how proud you are of the hard work Kyle has put in and the results that are showing up now.


  2. Ronni – I’ve tried to talk to him about it, and every time I do, he sees it as “Dad” talking, and not the guy who played college lacrosse for four years and coached high school lacrosse for twenty-one years. If I say he’s ready, he’s ready, but his former coach’s text definitely helped. We’ll see how today goes.


  3. Tell your son that I stress about everything imaginable and I’m 68 and retired and should be completely mellow. I’d be happy to add his stress to my list, thus alleviating him of the problem. I have enough already, that a little more won’t make much difference. He sounds like he will be setting the lacrosse world on fire, which is a good thing. Congratulations to you both!


  4. RG – Kyle gets it from his father. I have stressed myself literally sick on more than one occasion. But I know he can take this team on his back. He just needs to know it, too.


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