Baby Driver

So, this happened…

A few weeks ago I took Kyle to take his learner’s permit test. We waited at the DMV for almost an hour until we were called, and when our number finally came up… Kyle failed the eye test.

Fast forward a few weeks and one doctor’s note later. Mrs. Earp took him again Thursday, and he earned a perfect score on the written test. As such, he is now allowed to drive as long as a parent is with him. He will need 65 hours behind the wheel to be able to take his driver’s exam.

Mrs. Earp took him out Thursday, and I got him Friday. Now, I’m not very good at being a passenger in a vehicle. I’ve been in a few accidents, and the one I had with Miss America – long story, I’ve blogged about it before – was especially rough. Since then, I need to drive, or I suffer anxiety attacks.

So, I sucked it up and let Kyle take the keys. We spent an hour and a half on the open road, in the rain – they want you driving in all types of weather – and with the exception of a few foibles, Kyle did very well. He is a bit of a Larry Leadfoot – like his mother – but besides a few anxious swerves and one burnout – again, leadfoot – he’s on his way to getting his license.

*Where he will then be responsible for transporting his siblings to sports/dance practices, gassing my car, and doing other menial tasks I refuse to do.

8 thoughts on “Baby Driver

  1. Not driving sucks. Not driving and being with somebody who is a shitty driver sucks even more. Good luck on surviving the challenge.


  2. P.S. Not to mean you’re with a lousy driver, but unfortunately, I am and I can’t drive for a minimum of three months. Am going crazzzeeee.


  3. Passing the baton to the next family carpool driver is an awesome, yet terrifying experience. Good luck and take lots of deep breaths.


  4. Both of my kids, within one week of getting their license, backed into the neighbors car parked across the street at the end of our driveway. What are the odds? I, on the other hand, didn’t get my first ticket until I was 60. Got the ticket for going 86 mph in a 65mph. The young highway patrolman came back and asked for my license. He then said to me “Ma’am, you have handicap plates and are 60 years old and were going over 85. In any other situation I would say “You go, girl!” He did knock the ticket down to just 10 over so all I got was a fine. Yep, lead foot.


  5. RG – I always drove when I was in patrol. Luckily my last partner was fine with it, because she hated driving.

    Cathy – Too late, too late, and too late.

    Kari – Can’t be. She’s just a baby!

    Ingineer – He did well, considering. Once he gets the feel of the Saturn, he’ll be fine.

    Keevin – And out of the pools.

    Ronni – The little old lady from Pasadena is a menace? Go figure. šŸ™‚


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