The Rabbit Died

A Mansfield, Ohio woman was arrested after allegedly sexually harassing the Easter Bunny. There was no word whether or not the woman’s Easter eggs were fertilized.

Trying to make out with the Easter Bunny isn’t appropriate behavior ― especially when kids are watching ― but that’s what police said an Ohio woman did.

Ladonna Hughett, 54, was arrested on Saturday after police said she lewdly propositioned and grabbed an Easter Bunny working at a carousel park.

When Hughett posed for a photo with the rabbit, she inappropriately grabbed the costumed character and made suggestive comments within earshot of families at the indoor park, according to local station WLW.

Witnesses reported after Hughett grabbed the bunny’s eggs, his “little bunny” was resurrected.

2 thoughts on “The Rabbit Died

  1. Wasn’t she the woman who said she was raped by a sperm whale? She said since they were in the same ocean…


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