Take The A Training

For the past two days, I have been subjected to our annual police training. Monday and Tuesday were classroom lectures, so I only have to re-certify in CPR and re-qualify with my pistol. Thee classroom lectures are beyond boring; more so when you suffered through the crowd I had.

Monday’s class featured an instructor who spent half the day telling war stories. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this supervisor hasn’t been on the street since Clinton was president. Dude, no one cares about the time you grabbed your revolver, ran to a call box, and reported the streetcar accident. We especially don’t care when you’re telling this story instead of, say, handing out the exam!

Tuesday was no better. The storyteller was back again, but since all his old fossil stories were told, he kept his trap shut. The problem yesterday was the theater screamer.

There was a black female officer sitting behind me all day. During the course of instruction, she continually blurted out inane comments, or worse, fragments. For eight hours, I had to listen to running commentary such as, “Mmm hmm,” “Yeah, that’s right.”, and the omnipresent, “Yep!” I realize this is a stereotype (and possibly racist) but it felt like I was sitting with her in a movie theater. I kept waiting for her to yell, “DON’T GO IN THERE!” or “LOOK OUT, HE’S GOT AN AX!”

Look, training is bad enough without the unnecessary distractions. Please just emulate your fellow officers and sit there, try not to fall asleep, and shut your dick trap.

6 thoughts on “Take The A Training

  1. Sounds quite a bit like the diversity training we have been required to do. It’s like watching paint dry without the fumes.


  2. Ronni – The first speaker – a police sergeant – spent most of his time telling us about his interactions with other cops, and how allegedly racist they were. I wanted to ask him if they were so racist, what did he do about it? Anything but bitch about them months later?

    RG – I take personal glee in their troubles, since they gleefully let the PPD hold the bag on this for two days.

    Cathy – It’s so stupid, especially in a department where most of the command structure is black. Yeah, we’re so racist. /eyeroll


  3. I hate the asshole who insist on asking stupid questions and debating with the speaker/instruction and just prolongs the day.


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