Wells Fargo To Teacher’s Union: Drop Dead

The Wells Fargo corporation ignored damands from the American Federation of Teachers to sever ties with the gun industry this week, proving not every corporation will kneel before the likes of David Hogg and his ilk.

The American Federation of Teachers, representing 1.7 million workers, said it removed the Wells Fargo mortgage program from its member benefits site effective Thursday. The union had attempted to discuss its issues with Wells Fargo management but didn’t get a response, it said in a letter Thursday that was reviewed by CNBC.

Wells is a lender to gun-makers and the National Rifle Association.

The balls on these people! Instead of demanding corporations bend to their will, maybe the AFT should address the thousands of incompetent teachers in millions of American schools?

Wells Fargo’s statement is absolutely outstanding:

In a statement emailed to CNBC, a Wells Fargo spokesman said, “We remain deeply committed to the financial success of teachers and all of our customers. Wells Fargo wants schools and communities to be safe from gun violence, but changes to laws and regulations should be determined through a legislative process that gives the American public an opportunity to participate. We remain firm in our belief that the American public does not want banks to decide which legal products consumers can and cannot buy.

Perfectly stated. They’re right, by the way; nobody gives a crap about what corporations think about guns… or any other political issues.

4 thoughts on “Wells Fargo To Teacher’s Union: Drop Dead

  1. My Lady and I have been using W.F. for a decade now. Cudos for their management for not knuckling under to totalitarian socialists.

    BTW, I cut up my CitiBank Visa card a couple of weeks ago & mailed it to the corporate headquarters. Not putting my money in their pocket anymore.

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  2. Mike – Even with their pending $1 billion fine, this excuses everything.

    Ronni – It’s a courageous thing to do in an era where every corporation folds to the leftists at the drop of a hat.

    TXNick – Excellent! I used to think boycotts were pointless, but with all the corporations fleeing from conservative causes, why would I excuse them by giving them my money?


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