Getting His Kicks

As I mentioned Saturday, Kevin’s most recent martial arts belt testing occurred Friday night. Kevin, a brown belt, was testing for his brown belt with black stripe. Since Mrs. Earp was wrapped up with prom duties, I took Kevin to the testing. As we pulled into the parking lot, I told him, “I want you to do everything fast and hard.” For the most part, he did not disappoint.

Kevin (right, in the photo) performed all his moves very well, punched hard, and kicked harder. (At one point, he connected with a kick, knocking his sparring partner to the ground.)

My only complaint was he pulled a few punches, but he was bigger and more experienced than his sparring partner, and he’s always been afraid of hurting someone. Other than that, it was a great evening, and Sensei Dave (the owner of Premier Martial Arts) told me afterward, “He’s a different person than when he started.” It was a nice compliment to receive.

4 thoughts on “Getting His Kicks

  1. When I was a wee lad, The Green Hornet was my favorite TV show. Bruce Lee was my hero, and inspired me to “dabble” in Kung Fu, and later Tai-kwan-do. The study of martial arts taught me discipline, patience, and occasionally humility (like the time I, a newly minted brown belt, was trashed by a nine year old girl, who turned out to be my instructor’s daughter).

    May I recommend The Green Hornet series (it can be found and played for free on You Tube)? Well worth the time to watch, even if it is dated as far as the technology. Also, the movie Dragon, The Story of Bruce Lee. Again, well worth the time.


  2. TXNick – Kevin always had a little trouble socializing. He was shy and awkward, just like me. Martial arts is changing him for the better, and he can destroy boys who want to date Julia. It’s win-win.

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