She Is Never Going Away

Amy Chozick, a NYT reporter who wrote a book on Hillary Clinton entitled, “Chasing Hillary,” claims The Hildebeast lost the 2016 election because of – wait for it – sexism.

She contends that sexism played a big role in Clinton’s defeat but also encounters it first-hand among Clinton’s campaign staff.

When Chozick zeroes in on Clinton and leaves herself out of it, she can be perceptive, pithy and surprising. On Clinton’s apparent disdain for the electoral process: “If there was a single unifying force behind her candidacy, it was her obvious desire to get the whole thing over with.” On Clinton’s ambition: “Her only clear vision of the presidency seemed to be herself in it.”

I’m no detective, but I think it’s safe to say Hillary’s arrogance and ignorance also cost her the presidency. She believed it was her birthright, and when she lost, she blamed everyone but herself.

“Chasing Hillary” offers some searing moments surrounding election night, as when the Clinton team’s data guru grasps that his Florida models were off (Latino turnout lower than expected, white turnout huge in the Panhandle), then turns to campaign manager Robby Mook and says, they could be wrong everywhere.”

Mook eventually delivers the news of impending defeat to Clinton. “I knew it. I knew this would happen to me,” she answers. “They were never going to let me be president.” (H/T – AOSHQ)

Gee Hillary, who is the “they” here? The illuminati, black helicopters, white people? The only person who never let you be president is you. Stop making excuses for your loss and take responsibility for your poisonous, toxic personality.

12 thoughts on “She Is Never Going Away

  1. She will never, ever admit that any of the fault lies with her. She is quite a piece of work and evidently has been since she fell out of the womb.


  2. The old hag will hang around for ever. The media will drag out her old body every now and then to remind us of what we could have had, an old hag for president.


  3. Actually Wyatt I’m happy she’s sticking around. Every time she opens her mouth she reduces the Dimocrat’s chances of getting control of the House back this year. : )


    1. If you had taken as many meds as he has to prevent as many STD’s as he has been exposed to, you’d look like you’d been “rode hard and put away wet”, too (as my grandpa used to say).


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