Filipina Receives An Atomic Wedgie

There comes a time in every person’s life when they need to rethink their choices. For example, me and whiskey no longer hang because there was “an incident.” Of course, wedging yourself between two buildings should also raise a few questions.

This woman somehow ended up in this predicament during a boozy night in the Philippines.

Witnesses said she was trying to climb onto the roof of her home, but slipped and fell into the tiny gap between two houses. She was so wedged into the tight gap that she couldn’t get out – but was eventually rescued after six hours.

Neighbours heard her desperate cries for help and alerted rescuers, who initially struggled to get the woman out. But it was partly the fault of the woman herself – she was so hammered that she resisted the rescue attempt.

Personally, I would have left there to drown in her own vomit, but apparently those types actions are now “frowned upon.”

7 thoughts on “Filipina Receives An Atomic Wedgie

    1. Is there an age requirement or can we do stupid shit at any time? I’m pretty sure I qualify now and then.


  1. Ronni – During a college party, I laid across three connected sinks and vomited into the last one. Good times.

    RG – You and me both.

    Cathy – I do ten stupid things before lunch!

    Mike – Ha, I remember those commercials!

    Rob – It’s like a rapey night at the Kennedy compound,


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