If You Wanna Find All The Cops…

“…They’re hanging out in the donut shop.” This time, they’re doing it for a good reason.

If you’re riding past Krispy Kreme in Ocean Springs Saturday, look up and you’ll see a group of the city’s finest staring back down at you from on top of the eatery’s roof.

It’s the annual Cop on a Donut Shop event, a nationwide fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics. Customers who donate to the officers will also get a sweet treat in return from Krispy Kreme.

This event has been happening for more than 15 years and has raised over a million dollars during that time. (H/T – Loki)

For all the bad press the po-po gets on a regular basis, it’s nice to sometimes remind the leftists the average police officer does their best to protect and serve.

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