It’s Funny Because It’s Megyn Kelly

If there is a more narcissistic, unlikeable, insuffferable bitch than Megyn Kelly, clearly the networks haven’t found her. If they had, that woman would still have higher ratings than Beggin’ Megyn.

Once again, NBC is coming to terms with the idea that maybe they shouldn’t have spent all that money to bring on Megyn Kelly. Once again, Megyn Kelly Today has lost even more viewers, and once again, while consultants and anyone with eyes can see that the show was a grave misstep, Kelly and her team are feebly insisting that things will be better when viewers get to know the “real” Kelly. Unfortunately for her, the problem is that we already do.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Kelly’s ratings are 18% below what the very same hour was pulling in last year for Today, and down 28% when it comes to the crucial 25-54 viewer category.

Literally the only way this story could be more entertaining is if she lost her job, her husband, her dog, and was forced to do low-budget pr0n. Which I wouldn’t even watch.

5 thoughts on “It’s Funny Because It’s Megyn Kelly

  1. Roger Ailes diabolical plot to destroy the competition is working even from beyond the grave! : )

    And is that picture supposed to be sexy Megyn? Looks like me when I’m farting! : )

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  2. I find it hilarious that she has fallen flat at NBC. She thought she was the best thing since sliced bread only to find out she has the likability of cockroach! I love it when Karma strikes back.


  3. The only thing I ever enjoyed hearing about her was finding out she embarrassed Jane Fonda. Other than that, she’s pretty worthless. But… I imagine she enjoys the balance in her bank account. What a boorish woman. William sure nailed it with the fart comment. +1 for him!


  4. William – I told her a thousand times to stay away from the Mexican food!

    Metoo – Apparently her coworkers despise her. I mean, she seems so warm and cuddly.

    RG – They could fire her and she won’t care. She made her millions.


  5. Well, she could still adopt me. I’d only take a couple-three hundred thousand a year for an allowance. But she’d have to let me keep my current wife.


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