God Bless Julia!

Princess P made her first Holy Communion yesterday with her third grade classmates. She had been practicing for most of the school year, getting procedure down, remembering her prayers, and memorizing the songs. The training apparently worked, and yesterday went off without a hitch.

One giant bonus? We were able to secure preferential seating because Mrs. Earp works at the school now. *swish*

Afterward, we held a party for Julia at Casa de Earp, with family and friends. It is the first time we’ve had beer in the house since my depression, and I actually had one without getting violently ill. The food was good, the drink was good, and the company was perfect.

It was a good day for Princess P, and she reveled being the center of attention.

4 thoughts on “God Bless Julia!

  1. Ronni – We found a very inexpensive dress and a friend lent her the veil. Monetarily, it was a good day. 🙂

    William – Since I am helping Kyle get recruited by college lacrosse coaches, yes, I would agree.

    Kari – Thank you! She had a long, busy day, and crashed the second her head hit the pillow last night.


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