Senator McCain Makes Funeral Plans

Arizona Senator John McCain is making funeral plans in the wake of his poor brain cancer prognosis. In one last attempt at bitterness, McCain does not want President Trump to attend the funeral services.

The Times on Saturday reported on the “memories and regrets” the senator shared with friends who have come to visit his Arizona ranch. The article included details about funeral plans for the ailing senator, who is suffering from an aggressive form of brain cancer.

“His intimates have informed the White House that their current plan for his funeral is for Vice President Mike Pence to attend the service to be held in Washington’s National Cathedral but not President Trump, with whom Mr. McCain has had a rocky relationship,” according to the Times.

As Proof noted the other day, even if Trump was invited, he would probably send Pence – which would also be a petty move, in my opinion. If you’re going out, doesn’t it behoove you to do so with class? Barring the sitting president from your funeral does nothing to help your legacy. In fact, it does the opposite. It makes McCain look like a an angry, bitter, petty child.

10 thoughts on “Senator McCain Makes Funeral Plans

  1. McCain left the GOP ages ago. And now he is also bemoaning the fact that he picked Palin when he really wanted Joe Lieberman. He needs to retire, let whomever appoint someone else to fill out his term and depart this earth with what little dignity he has left as far as I am concerned.


  2. Ronni – Proof and Ace from AOSHQ both made similar points. McCain has every right to dictate who should be present at his funeral. It’s his decision, and that’s fine.

    That said, we have every right to note his bitter pettiness, which has been a calling card of McCain’s since he entered politics. I applaud his service to the country, but as a politician, he is an utter failure.


  3. A nasty little man who hasn’t a nice bone in his body. And the devil is not looking forward to his arrival in hell.


  4. Cathy – I’d like to think I’d be a little more understanding as I near the end, but apparently that’s not McCain’s way. His new book allegedly trashes Sarah Palin, as well as Trump and others.


  5. Bully is definitely McStain in a nutshell. The part I laughed out loud about was when I read he wants to “Bring civility back to government.” Then, shortly thereafter, he makes it clear Donnie Trump is not his friend and can’t come over to play. What a nasty little man. Sarah Palin wasn’t the brightest person on the planet, but she outshines McStain by billions and billions of lumens. And, she was actually a conservative with Constitutional values. I seldom see a point in being nasty in return, but for McStain, just die you verminous small minded little man. When you do, tell Uncle Ho hello. I’m sure you’ll both get along fine. When Uncle Ho’s ho gets there, tell Hanoi Jane hello too.


  6. RG – Imagine the goodwill he would spread if he simply left his funeral plans with his family until his death. Just don’t say anything, and when the time comes, people could either say, “Yeah, Trump shouldn’t go,” or “McCain is petty.” Either way, by staying silent, his reputation wouldn’t take such a hit.

    TXNick – I’d have to agree. I loved Palin, and she was a true conservative.


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