The Least Wonderful Time Of The Year

Thursday signaled the end of Kyle’s 2018 high school lacrosse season. Once again, his team missed the playoffs, thanks mostly to injuries and a lack of adequate talent. Many of Kyle’s games saw their coach putting in freshman against varsity opponents, because some seniors never really progressed. That said, Kyle had a fairly decent season.

Kyle played ten of thirteen games – he missed three due to the knee injury – scores two goals and three assists, and won 20 of 51 faceoffs (39%). The team as a whole, however, did not fare as well; finishing with a 1-12 record. The team finished tenth out of eleven teams in their conference.

Thursday was rivalry night, where Kyle’s team played an away game against my alma mater. While starting out well, the game quickly turned into a rout, and the seniors on Kyle’s team had to suffer through an 11-2 drubbing. There were, however, some good things Thursday night.

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After the game, the seniors lined up to say goodbye to their teammates. As Kyle walked by, he stopped in front of Sean, and they both embraced. Sean was crying and Kyle was getting emotional as well.

Sean embraced Kyle from day one. I was still an assistant coach with the team, and Sean told me, “Kyle is my kid for the year.” Sean helped Kyle with faceoffs, pushed him when he needed to be pushed, and consoled him when he needed to be consoled. Sean was Kyle’s friend, mentor, and linemate; a kid who made my son a better player and a better person. He will be sorely missed.

Sean is headed to college next year, and hopefully playing lacrosse. Kyle already told us he wouldn’t be opposed to attending the same school as Sean, if the two of them can play again.

3 thoughts on “The Least Wonderful Time Of The Year

  1. Sounds like they will be friends for life. How wonderful for both of them! It was a very successful season for that very reason!


  2. You have some great kids and great friends. With all the complaints of life for all of us, you can sure take that to the bank. It’s a great deposit on your son’s future.


  3. Ronni – Kyle received an invite to a one-day lacrosse prospect camp from a Division II school the other day. It was a nice surprise after such a trying season.

    RG – Kyle has had very good choices when it comes to friends. Erik, too. They’re all good kids, and none of them are troublemakers.


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