Israel Brings The Rain

Iranian forces in Syria fired missiles into Israel yesterday, prompting retaliatory strikes on Damascus.

ISRAEL has blasted Iran’s bases in Syria with 70 missiles killing “at least 23 fighters” in revenge for rocket strikes on Golan Heights.

Fighter jets bombarded military bases, munitions warehouses and intelligence centres, after Tel Aviv stoked fears of a war by warning: “If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran.”

The strikes hit “nearly every target” and were in response to “20 rockets” fired by the Iranian Quds Force, Israeli military chiefs claimed.

Boy, I sure am glad we didn’t withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal. These guys are honest, straight shooters who have nothing but our best interests at heart.

2 thoughts on “Israel Brings The Rain

  1. TXNick – They are apparently opening the embassy in Jerusalem next week. Just another promise kept. Say what you want about his demeanor, but Trump has been a fantastic president so far.


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