Jackie Whoa

Meet Jacqueline Ades of Flori-duh.

Jacqueline is young, pretty, and completely faithful to her relationship partners. In fact, she is so committed to her relationships that she should have to be committed.

In July 2017, 31-year-old Jacqueline Ades was found parked outside of the victim’s home, police said. The man also accused her of repeatedly texting him, despite him saying he no longer wanted to talk to her.

Officers found Ades still outside the victim’s home when they arrived and told her to leave, officials said. Shortly after, the man started to receive threatening text messages from the suspect.

Ades allegedly sent about 65,000 text messages to the man’s phone. The victim said she sent about 500 text messages to him a day. In one of Ades’ messages, she allegedly stated, “…Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t wanna be a murderer.” She also said she wanted to wear his body parts and bathe in his blood.

First of all, this simply proves Jacqueline has found her true love. Second, bathing in blood is apparently very beneficial to your skin. The gal just wants to look good for her man. Is that so wrong?

6 thoughts on “Jackie Whoa

  1. She is definitely certifiable. Hope she will be happy in whatever institution ends up with her as a resident.


  2. “65,000 text messages to the man’s phone…500 text messages… a day”
    The real question here is: “Did she have an unlimited data plan?”
    If she manages her finances well, then a guy could overlook the rest!


  3. Cathy – Yeah, she does have that “come hither” look on her face.

    TXNick – As my daughter would say, ” She’s cray-cray.”

    Mike – Good point. If she rolls over her data every month, she’s a keeper.


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