Brace For Impact

Elderly deranged drunkard former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been seen wearing a bulky scarf to hide what some believe to be a back brace.

Hillary Clinton has donned yet another massive scarf during an appearance in Australia after earlier photos indicated she might be trying to hide a back brace.

The 70-year-old draped the $1,100 patterned Hermes cashmere blend shawl around her shoulders when she met with Australian former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne.

Her scarf was tied high around her neck and covered the top of her navy blue jacket. It comes after social media users pointed out earlier in the week that Clinton was mostly likely opting for the style choice to hide a possible back brace.

She was photographed coming out of her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York last week with a strange protrusion coming from underneath her jacket.

Oh please, that’s simply her robotic exoskeleton. It is necessary to help Hillary walk, talk, and receive vital liquids; like scotch.

You can see the apparatus – and the back brace – more clearly by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Brace For Impact

  1. She is so incredibly vain. The downside to all this covering up is that she may be thinking of running for prez again and couldn’t do that if everyone knew how infirmed she truly is.


  2. Did she hit her head on that glass ceiling? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating it: you can’t break a glass ceiling with an airhead.


  3. I think Wyatt is on to something. A robotic exoskeleton. Ole Hillary is dead & her handlers keep her moving and yapping so people think she is still alive.


    1. She keeps this up and she will resemble the monster from that old, very bad, movie, “From Hell It Came.”


  4. Ronni – My first reaction after seeing this was, “Does she really think no one knows she’s wearing a back brace?” Then common sense reminded me, yes, she truly does.

    TXNick – I think ever the most staunch Democrat is done with her, but I’ve been wrong before.

    Cathy – The Simpsons predicted it


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