Chortles From Bortles

Meet Joseph Horton, America’s most incompetent thief. Naturally, he resides in Florida, but is probably not a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

Joseph Horton was spotted walking around Linder’s house by Jaguars guard Christopher Reed. At first, Linder said he did not think anything of Horton in his home due to the large amount of people in the house for a party.

Horton, whose address is also listed as Hopson Road, was arrested after he was spotted inside [NFL quarterback Blake] Bortles’ truck, which was parked at Linder’s house. Bortles’ truck was unlocked with the keys and wallet inside.

Incredibly, Horton was not able to steal Bortles’ truck, wallet, or keys; probably because he was born and raised in Florida.

5 thoughts on “Chortles From Bortles

  1. Cathy – You can add Bortles to that list. Millionaire NFL player leaves his wallet and keys in an unlocked vehicle? Seriously??

    Ronni – Horton is still probably brighter than the national media.


  2. Do you subscribe to the Florida News Channel or is it just a coincidence that almost all of the stupid crook stories come from FLA.


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