A Sign Of The Times

Ladies and gentlemen, set your faces to stunned: leftist New York Times reporter Frank Bruni is worrying the Mueller investigation is actually helping President Trump.

The Mueller investigation, Bruni argued, is dominating media coverage to the extent it’s crowding out coverage of what Trump and his administration are actually doing.

“Maybe the just-published Politico report of Trump’s deliberate, cavalier use of a cellphone that doesn’t have strict security safeguards would be getting extra attention” if not for the Mueller investigation, Bruni pondered.

Bruni also expressed his concern the Mueller investigation might not find evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

Gee Frank, whatever gave you that idea? I mean it’s only been a year, and Mueller has only snared two or three people for minor process crimes. But hey, hold on tight to your dreams, you biased hack.

8 thoughts on “A Sign Of The Times

  1. Come out into the real world Bruni. A lot of us like what Trump is doing. It’s tough to admit and it makes you cry like a baby but MTFU!!!!


  2. Damn, I’m so old that I can remember when King dingle-Barry refused to give up his phone & not 1 newz hack had a problem.


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