The Media Still Doesn’t Get It

A leftist hack writing for The New Yorker went to First Lady Melania Trump’s hometown in an effort to find some dirt. She chose… poorly.

Vendela Vida, a writer for The New Yorker, traveled to First Lady Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia for some reason, and discovered an extremely juicy piece of news.

Vida makes it to Sevnica, Slovenia, the town in Eastern Europe where the future first lady was born.

The writer peppers her piece with small put-downs of the country, pointing out the fact that some shops were closed and a waitress at a restaurant didn’t know whether a hamburger on the menu was “grass-fed” or not.

Finally, the big reveal — Vida discovers a dessert dish named after Melania Trump on a restaurant menu and asks the waitress if “people here like Melania?” to which she simply replied, “Of course.”

So this assclown travels all the way to Slovenia, insults the country and its people, then is shocked – SHOCKED – to find the locals admire Melania Trump? Money well spent.

Say what you want about President Trump – he speaks plainly and doesn’t always show grace – but Melania Trump has been a rather flawless First Lady thus far, exuding elegance, grace, and class.

9 thoughts on “The Media Still Doesn’t Get It

  1. Of course they don’t get it. They are complete a$$hats! But keep on going say I. These arrogant pricks have no idea just how much they are fracking up! They think they are being clever when in fact they are showing themselves to be the miserable wretches they are. So, keep on, keeping on Leftards! : )


  2. They have gone so far off the rails that even Nancy Pelosi is saying maybe it is time to lay off Trump. Now we can see how the Nazi’s came to power by how far the left wing sycophants are willing to go.


  3. William – The daily dose of “I’m offended” got you Trump, and it will get your four more years if Democrat continue to play these silly games.

    Ingineer – So few on the left want to think for themselves. Whatever their dear leaders demand, they fall into line. It’s sad.

    Mike – Probably drunk newborn Melania spits up on older woman, later found to be her mother.


  4. J-Dub – My maternal grandparents were from Slovakia. I still want to visit before I die, even though it’s not the most lovely place in Europe. If and when I go, I certainly wouldn’t be criticizing the country or the citizens.


  5. Does someone have to tie the laces on this poor snowflakes shoes? Can she negotiate getting around a city block without GPS? Does someone have to remind her to breathe every few seconds?

    And I suspect she is considered brilliant in leftist circles.

    We’re doomed.


  6. Would’ve loved to find out that the answer was “No, the burger wasn’t grass fed. But the cow that was butchered, ground up & fried to make your burger was. Any other questions, dumb ass?”


  7. I just can’t imagine being so consumed by hatred for someone that you travel to a foreign country to try to find something negative to say about them. The election is over and done with and there is nothing to see here. Move on!


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