In Soviet Russia, Money Makes You!

Meet Yulia Sveshnikova.

Julia is just a simple country girl, drawn out of her icy cold Siberian homestead for one last chance at love… with a multimillionaire.

A ‘penniless’ student has won a TV game show to marry a Russian oligarch with a luxury mansion, yacht and use of a private jet.

Yulia Sveshnikova, 29, was chosen by 55-year-old oil tycoon Konstantin Scherbinin’s children as a ‘hot’ new bride for their father. Some 2,000 hopefuls applied for the bizarre Russian show called ‘Millionaire for Marriage’.

She will fly to Dubai on honeymoon with him before splitting her time between his sumptuous homes in Moscow and Los Angeles, and enjoying his fleet of expensive cars.

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but Yulia seems a little too crazy stupid hot for some random, penniless Siberian student. Besides, in a matter of weeks, Putin will have the husband murdered and claim Yulia for himself.

3 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Money Makes You!

  1. She is going to be living every Russian girl’s dream or perhaps nightmare. That diamond doesn’t look very big for a guy that is a “supposed” multimillionaire. Makes me think he is on the stingy side.


  2. His children chose her as the winner. This is all a big joke to them and I hope she has a good lawyer on retainer.


  3. Ronni – I thought the same thing. Then again, what self-respecting millionaire goes on a TV show for a bride? if he was a good catch, he wouldn’t need TV.

    Cathy – I give it six months, tops. My god that country has been a mess since 800 A.D.


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