Patience, Grasshopper

My youngest son Kevin has been learning martial arts for a few years now. The experience has totally transformed him from the shy, nervous kid, to a confident young man. After last month’s dance recital, Julia mentioned she may be interested in martial arts to “keep me in shape for dance.”

Last night was her first lesson.

She learned a few basic moves, including how to get out of a choke hold, and with the exception of responding, “Yeah,” instead of “Yes Sensei,” she did very well. Sensei Julian said Julia’s legs are very strong, to which Mrs. Earp replied, “Well, she’s a dancer.” Julia told me she had fun, and wants to continue with it. It also helps her big brother is a martial arts guru.

So, with my gun collection, three older brothers, and her martial arts training, I truly pity the kid who comes knocking at our door expecting to date my Princess.

7 thoughts on “Patience, Grasshopper

  1. Dangerous beauty. She is a real heartthrob. Don’t stomp too many of her boyfriends, Wyatt… you may never have any grandkids.


  2. Always give parents a good feeling to know their offspring can handle almost any situation on their own or they know who to call for backup! Get ready, Wyatt, because “they” will come calling at some point.


    1. Cleaning This Gun

      Come on in, boy, sit on down
      And tell me about yourself
      So you like my daughter, do you now?
      Yeah, we think she’s something else
      She’s her daddy’s girl
      Her mama’s world
      She deserves respect
      That’s what she’ll get
      Ain’t it, son?
      Hey, y’all, run along and have some fun
      I’ll see you when you get back
      Bet I’ll be up all night
      Still cleanin’ this gun


  3. Loki – Perfect!

    Jenn – She battles with her brothers and holds her own. I like the idea she will be able to defend herself, especially in this awful city.


  4. Always good to have a daughter that can choke out most people if required. I didn’t worry about my Marine daughter near as much as my other daughters when it came to going out on the town.


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