Mississippi Genes

A Mississippi woman decided to cure her boredom by stealing a vehicle, and leading police on a lengthy pursuit. Eventually believing she was about to be overtaken, her brain directed her to the greatest hiding spot in the state.

That was the case Tuesday evening when a woman reportedly led authorities on a chase through Lafayette County, Mississippi.

The Oxford Police Department shared details of the chase at 8 p.m. on Twitter.

“In the world of ‘can’t make this stuff up’: Stolen vehicle pursuit starts out in the county,” the account posted. “Suspect drives to our PD parking lot, bailed out on foot, ran into our lobby, and tried hiding in the lobby bathroom. Just another Tuesday in law enforcement.” (H/T – Loki)

My first instinct was to make a snide remark about Mississippi, and the south, in particular. But, since a university in Alabama is looking at Kyle for their lacrosse program, I’ll hold my tongue.

4 thoughts on “Mississippi Genes

  1. Don’t you wish all criminals would run to the PD when they realize they can’t get away? Life would be so much easier and the stories funnier. And no the bimbo was not having mental issues. She’s from Flori-duh!


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