Weighing His Prosepcts

A few weeks ago, Kyle received an invitation to Chestnut Hill College’s Game Ready Prospect Camp. CHC is good school on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and they have a fairly successful Division II lacrosse program. Naturally, Kyle wanted to attend.

Kyle, like his father, is not a morning person. We needed to be at the campus by 8:30am, so we all woke up at 6:30. Kyle was sleepy during the ride, and despite it was cold and windy, his play early on told me what I needed to know: he wasn’t awake yet.

He lost all but one of his faceoffs in the first scrimmage – a rarity – dropped a few balls he normally would be money on, and was slower than he usually runs.

At around noon, the athletes – about thirty-six off them – went inside for weight training, lunch, and to watch film of the early session. During the second half of the day, the Kyle I know returned. He won three faceoffs in a row, his passes were pinpoint, he was using his body to move people off the ball, and he had an amazing jumping catch, which he turned into a 60-yard run upfield toward the goal.

After the camp, I asked Kyle two questions: 1. Did you have fun?, and 2. Did you learn anything? The answers to both questions were an enthusiastic yes. After a few minutes asking where this magic was in the morning, Kyle laid back in the seat, and rested during the drive home.

I’m not sure if Chestnut Hill will be interested in Kyle, but the experience was well worth it.

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