For Whom The Booth Tolls

Residents in a British town are celebrating the “hero” who burned down the local tool booth.

A mystery arsonist has been praised a ‘hero’ after an ‘ancient’ tollbooth which only charged drivers 12p burnt down overnight.

Townsfolk in Warburton, Trafford and Rixton, Warrington, were over the moon to learn the hated Warburton bridge tollbooth had been destroyed in a blaze.

Tailbacks caused by the bridge, which links the two villages, were so bad children had to do their homework in cars as the waited in horrendous queues.

I’m so jealous. My lifelong dream is to burn down the tool booths of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway! It’s probably safe to say the local bobbies will be placing this investigation into the (burning) circular file.

6 thoughts on “For Whom The Booth Tolls

  1. 12p for the toll, and HOW many gallons of petrol wasted in the queue? Aye, the bloke should be given a metal.

    (Had to use some proper English in my comment. For our English mates.)


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