Money Isn’t Everything

A Florida couple called police to ask them if they could stop envelopes of cash arriving at their home. Only in Florida.

On Wednesday, a package showed up at a Port Richey house. It was correctly addressed, but only the last name matched the homeowner’s. Not long after it was delivered, investigators say two men came looking for the mail.

A second envelope with the same wrong name showed up at the house Thursday. Officials say, this time, the same duo came to retrieve the delivery, but were more aggressive.

“The individuals actually followed them into the home,” Hill said. “They actually opened the front door and went into the home.”

The sheriff’s office responded and, inside the package, they discovered about $8,000 in cash.

Pfft, people in any other state would embrace the money, keep their mouths shut, buy a few guns, and “fix” the problem of the trespassers right quick.

6 thoughts on “Money Isn’t Everything

  1. Just curious, did the homeowners give the first envelope to the hoods? If they did, especially if they had opened the first one, they could qualify for a dummy of the year award.


  2. For the average person, an $8000 windfall of cash would do some amazing things. Now, the duo showing up at the door is another matter but nothing that a Smith & Wesson couldn’t cure.


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