True Detective Stories

Today was a fantastic day.

It started early this morning while driving to work. I was headed toward the division, and noticed the car in front of me moved hard to the left. It caught my attention, and I saw an oncoming car coming at me halfway in my lane. I moved to the left and blasted the horn. At the last second, this asshole moved to avoid hitting me, and kept driving on his merry way.

I figured this clown was playing on his phone, but since I got an entirely too close look at this douche, I noticed he was either drunk or high. I would have turned around to chase him down, but since I was too busy stopped at the side of the road shaking, I decided against it. It took a few minutes before I could start driving again.

When I arrived, I was told one detective took the day off, another was on funeral leave, and a third called off sick. So of course there was work waiting for us: a burglary of an occupied residence where three vehicles were stolen, a robbery of a gas station, and a missing 11-year old with Downs Syndrome.

So, how was your day?

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. And I was going to complain about being in curriculum meetings all day until 2 pm. You’ve got me beat! Good luck with tomorrow.


  2. If you get really depressed, review my comment on “Throw Them in the Pokies.” Or some Youtube videos of the liberals watching the 2016 election.


  3. Yeah, your day may have been bad, but mine was so much worse. I shot really, really badly at trap practice this morning. Being that I’m retired and trap shooting is the only joy that I have left in life, I was almost devastated. And then there was this past Tuesday morning. I only caught four trout, two suckers and a carp at the local trout stream. It should have been at least double or triple that many trout in three whole hours of wading. And to top it off I wasn’t paying attention after I got home and forgot to change channels on the TV and missed Adam-12. I was so depressed that I had to lay down and nap for an hour or so. Now you see that some people are a lot worse off than you, so grow a set, Wyatt and be a man……………………..

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  4. Ronni – Tomorrow I have training. I’m the first in my division to learn the new operating system (NCIC checks, running wanted persons, names and addresses, etc.)

    Mike – The man is not just a local embarrassment, but a national laughingstock.

    TXNick – I will when I get a few moments. Kevin was sick tonight.

    Tam – I’d be looking at retirement if we stopped at two kids, but nooooo…

    Ingineer – I didn’t think to take that way home and check to see if the jackass plowed into a tree. I hope he did, but I never get what I want.


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