Fly The Hacky Skies

The Department of Homeland Security is claiming it is only a matter of time until airlines are hacked electronically. Sorry, I just felt like ruining everyone’s weekend.

Most planes lack cybersecurity protections to prevent such a hack.

Motherboard obtained internal DHS documents through a Freedom of Information Act request which detail vulnerabilities with commercial aircraft and risk assessments. A number of the documents are still being “withheld pursuant to exemption” of the FOIA.

The release includes a January presentation from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), part of the Department of Energy, outlining the group’s efforts to hack an aircraft via its wifi service as a security test.

The hacking test was to be carried out without any insider help, from a position of public access, and without using hardware that would trigger airport security. According to the presentation, the hack allowed the researchers to “establish actionable and unauthorized presence on one or more onboard systems.”

The next Arizona trip is going to suck when I tell the family we have to drive there.

5 thoughts on “Fly The Hacky Skies

  1. My kids always drive from Canada…thirty six hour drive. It is a bit shorter to Arizona, Wyatt. Although get ready for “are we there yet?” about 100 times.


  2. I quit flying about a decade ago, when I realized that I could drive to my destination without going through a grope by a high school dropout and an unnecessary radiation exposure. Yeah, it take a little longer, but at any time during the trip I can pull over & take a break, grab a bite of roadkill that tastes better than what is served in first class, do detours, spend the night in a comfortable bed, not endure hours of getting leg cramps nor some brat behind me kicking my seat, a passenger that hasn’t bathed in days, etc., etc., etc.

    Why does anyone fly inside the USA anymore?


  3. Ronni – Oh no, I’m driving out by myself. 🙂

    TXNick – Because people want instant gratification. I personally like a nice long drive once in a while.


  4. I’m with TXNick on this one. Flying is more of a hassle than it’s worth. Besides when driving you can actually take some time to SEE the USA. There are some out of the way places that are gorgeous, or just plain fun, if you bother to take the time.


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