Trump, Kim Agree To Denuclearization

President Trump and North Korean despot Kim Jong Un have agreed to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. The agreement is a huge win for the president, the United States, and the world.

Clasping hands and forecasting future peace, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un committed Tuesday to “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula during the first meeting in history between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader. Yet as Trump toasted the summit’s results, he faced mounting questions about whether he got too little and gave away too much — including an agreement to halt U.S. military exercises with treaty ally South Korea.

Both leaders expressed optimism throughout roughly five hours of talks, with Trump thanking Kim afterward “for taking the first bold step toward a bright new future for his people.” Kim, for his part, said the leaders had “decided to leave the past behind” and promised: “The world will see a major change.”

While the president said he believes Kim is acting in good faith, he also stated there is a chance the agreement could crumble. For now, the president is proceeding with cautious optimism.

Oh, and that sound you hear is the leftist media weeping into their hands.

7 thoughts on “Trump, Kim Agree To Denuclearization

  1. I was fortunate to have seen the Berlin wall come down and now the denuclearization of Korea begin. Perhaps we are on our way to becoming that “shining city on a hill” again. Baby steps. Don’t trust and verify!


  2. Ronni – Exactly. Trump said he may be wrong about this, but if – IF – it works, it’ll be one of the greatest peace coups of our lifetimes.


  3. If it fails it is North Koreas fault. This will not stop the liberals and media from screaming about it all being Trumps fault.


  4. Alfie, obviously you are not a journalist. The narrative will be, “if it fails it is Trump’s fault. If it is successful, it is due to Kim’s efforts.”

    Considering that this may put an end to the war that has been going on since before my (and a lot of others’) birth, it is great news. And it will be due to both leaders coming to the negotiating table. Hopefully, the Norks will honor (for a change!) an agreement.


  5. The article about the Trump/Kim meeting was on page 28 of our Nashville Tennessean…good to see the imbeciles at Gannett recognize the significance…


  6. Cathy – Absolutely. Kim cannot be trusted, and if he reneges, the MSM will blame America… as always.

    TXNick – Many pundits said it before me, but if this were any other president, the story would be lauded by every MSM outlet in the world. Because it’s Trump, crickets.

    MelP – Either her, or John “Lurch” Kerry.

    Doc – Page 28. You have got to be kidding me.


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